The Willows Weep

Oft in lazy rivers haze,
do many a wanderer stop to gaze.
Windswept shades of sparkling blue
drip drops down as morning dew.

If dreams is what thou wish to chase,
lie amongst willows cozy embrace.
But to adventurers beware;
the lands a lackadaisical ensnare.

Betwixt beauty of listless sky
are dangers to a languid eye.
Dancing near the waters dunes
dark mist arises, floating gloom.

On the brow of darkening whirls
Mysteries ravel quickly unfurls.
Lethargically the faeries dance
casting one into loves trance.

Enamored with this quiet space,
enchanted spirits remain in place.
Many a traveler's been beguiled,
left to wander amongst the wild.
Hence is why the willows weep,
for every soul they tricked to keep.

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