The Wind

It bangs against the window,shattering it in one blow.
It makes an ocean fall in on itself and fight the tide.
It makes life turn to death. It makes you alone.
The wind is not a force to be reckoned with.
You are cracking, bending, falling against your will.
It pushes against your chest and you lose your breath.
This invisible force has taken your planted feet away.
Ripped them from the earth.
Your body becomes tattered because of the wind.
Leaving wounds that do not get the chance to heal.
You struggle to keep yourself upright.
Your bones begin to crack, you know you cannot win.
It feels like everything is spinning ten times faster.
Suddenly even your body is too heavy for you.
"Keep trying" they say. "You can do it" they say.
But what do they know about this wind?
Can't they see the force that refuses to be quiet?
What do they know of your agony? Your anguish?
But this wind has been felt by a thousand other bodies.
Heard by millions of ears and touched by hundreds of aching hearts.
Seen by eyes that will never forget the horror.
You, are not alone. You are a tall mountain.
Held up by others who have felt the same storm.
You can't see and there is nothing left to hold on to.
Just your own failing limbs,
And hope that one day the wind will fall silent.

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