The Wind of Change

The wind of change will never cease
If gentle as a summer breeze,
Or tempestuous like a stormy sea
In constant rhythms we all feel
The imposition of its will.

What power is oft a welcome sight
When the waters where we now abide
We seek a way to leave behind
And without a way our course to mend,
Relief comes in the changing wind.

Then drifting on without distress,
When seemingly in but a breath,
Our peaceful harbor now is left
Behind as in the distance roars
Billows of approaching storms.

The dread and fear shall we escape?
Nay, the darkened skies we'll surely face.
For now's the time our sails to raise
And drown not in what might have been,
But join ourselves unto the wind.

Accept not that the journey's lost
Only that rough waters we must cross,
Enduring all that's froward tossed.
For the wind of change may never cease,
But it cannot keep us from our dreams.

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