The Wind Still Blows

There was a time
When happiness bloomed
Like cherry-blossom trees in the spring.
It was an era where dreams were made known
And minds were open to novel ideas.

It was a time of peace,
One where the people truly lived.
Where all were content to live life in wonder
And follow their dreams to their realization.
That time has long since passed.

When we are all gone,
Will the wind still continue to blow?
Underneath the wings of progress and change
Are the countless lives that were sacrificed
To benefit those who remain.

War is waged for our homes;
Everyone believes their nation is best.
We live in a world that is wasting away.
The charcoal-filled bellies of industry
Burn up the violet skies.

All that we have gained
I count as nothing but tragic loss.
We have lost the sparkle of pure imagination
That lit up our eyes to give us sight
Into the distant future.

When dreams die out,
Does the wind still continue to blow?
Does it raise the wings of happiness and joy
For countless people in desperate need?
I really hope this is so.

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