The Winding Journey

When rain and clouds loom all around
and darkness covers all your eyes can see
Through endless nights with troubled mind
unsettled on what life has come to mean

You look behind on the path you've climbed
and feel how tough the journey here has been
When life threw darts that broke your heart
and left you all alone without a friend

Then lift your chin and look again
upon this winding road wherein you trod
the gentle rays of a breaking day
now shine revealing what your teary eyes could not

The gentle wind blows on your skin
which tingles like the feel of love's first glance
This road so long has made you strong
throwing everything it could, yet here you stand

Your strength now grows, your courage bold
to walk upon this tough and rugged road again
whether rain or sun, you'll overcome
until you reach the winding journey's end

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