The Window (Part One of Two)

The glass window stops me in my tracks
The world beyond is so beautiful;
A sun splashing its beams into the colors
The clouds float high in the blue sky
The grass waves a gentle, "Hello," among the breeze,
And the flowers beckon me to sniff their floral fragrance
Why won't the window break?
Does it not want me to roam this wondrous place?
I bang, I scream, I cry
Why is this world setting limitations so beyond me?
But it won't trap me
There must be a way
I run, I climb, I jump
But the window is endless
So I rest my hand on the clear glass
I plead with all my might
That I will be able to have freedom
The glass shatters
Was the window just an illusion?
What will the new world make of me?
I don't move
I just stare at the glorious world ahead
No, that was too easy
I turn and run
Run away from the trickery the window once held
I keep running until I come across the two doors

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