The Windows to My Soul

They say eyes are the windows to the soul
That you only need to look in a person's eyes
To see how they truly feel
No matter how real the mask,
There must always be holes for the eyes
But I can't help but wonder,
What do my eyes show?
For when I wear my happy mask
I am so easily believed
Are they fools?
Or am I simply blind.
Do I wear a mask so real
That it even covers my eyes?
Do I walk through darkness,
With blind eyes and closed heart?
Fake smile and false laugh?
Just to live another day of hell
Or is it simply in my head
This pain I feel deep inside
Is it real
Or is it simply an illusion?
A price to pay
For this mask I wear
And these walls I built
Will it disappear
if I tear them down?
Or will it consume me
Until death takes me at last?

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