The winds of change

A flame, a fire
Burning once so bright
Lost in loves blinding light
Touched by desire

An iron will
And an undying loyalty
All I had to give
And all I would ever have
Was yours

But the winds of change blew
As they so often do
And the thoughts we once shared
You no longer knew

So now, like the cold December rain
I'm falling, down, and hard
The fire is dying
The desire is fading
But yet I keep trying
While the darkness falls
Threatening to smother all

But in the end
I'll be okay
Somewhere, some how
I'll find my way

But please, my darling.
Know that through it all
Know that I've always

Loved. You.

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This Poems Story

This is about a girl I dated. I thought for a long time she was the one. But hey, I was wrong.