The Winds of Rousseau

Eagles soar searching for prey
My true love within my sights
Through stratus clouds I roar
My prey, my prey, scatter with fear
Eyes of emeralds, slicing like a razor
My claws troll her locks, and all that glitters is gold
My vision blurs looking at thee
My prey, my prey, don't ever go away
Sun rises east, as I follow big little river to the west
Waters sparkle of diamonds, like rings on her fingers
Cypress trees and Spanish moss echo with laughter
Songbirds are singing our songs
At last, at last, I dance with thee
My prey, my prey, warming my feathers
We sit on our perch and bond for life
Life sends us, on our journey
We travel many roads with full moon lit nights
It was feast or famine, from treehouse to treehouse
Our nest is full with two offspring
And six wonderful grandchildren
My prey, my prey, I'm glad you spread your wings with me
When the piper comes calling, my heart will be heavy
I will use your mighty oak, and build you a stairway to Heaven
The steps will glitter like gold, and sparkle of diamonds
My prey, my prey, will now be pain free
I will now fly alone, with white butterflies by my side

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This Poems Story

I want to thank Eber & Wein for publishing my poem. I am honored to have my poem published in Beyond the Sea. I wrote the Winds of Rousseau to the love of my life, my wife, Leola Sotir. My wife, who is terminally ill, gives me encouragement and is my inspiration for writing. I dedicate this poem to her. Lake Rousseau is a very special place in my heart, where eagles soar and bond for life. It has been my honor to love her.