The Wings of Suicide

I see that you're weeping inside you.
You think it would be easier if you just died.
Your beauty runs deeper than any city slicker's song.
Baby girl I'm telling you the truth,
come on sit down right next to me in this booth.
Suicide is no way out
it's just a way to fly above the crowd--
but the rumors will still scream loud
even from way up in them clouds.
So why not stay right here,
even though you might shed a tear.
You'll still live and
you'll become wise
you'll learn to walk right through the lies.
I know you can beat these guys
and even that one girl who tries,
to push you
poke you
chase you out of town.
Shoves you face first onto the ground.
Yes you can beat them all
all you have to do
is get up and stand tall.

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