The Winner

Hold me close
The way the sea holds the whales,
The way the birds hold their sound,
The way our eyes hold one another
When finding something isn't the goal
Hold me so the breeze between us is nonexistent,
So even air cannot form a you and me.
Hold me close, but don't hold me down
Commitment is a funny thing
A puzzle, that I, the piece placer, has yet to complete
Because for as little oxygen as there is that happens to seep in,
It's that little bit that fills our lungs
That bit that keeps our breathing going
The bit that keeps us alive
Yet keeps us so far apart
So that it isn't us we are holding
But the air between us
And if there isn't enough air for two
Then one must be selfish
Its one or none
Then fate will have to have its pick
And love will win the game
And yes, but of course,
The way history intended it to,
The way our future history intends it to
Love will win the game

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