The wishing lass

By Daiah   

There once lived a girl who only had one wish
Unlike the others she didn't want to become rich
She wasn't asking for anything that big.

Fame wasn't something she aimed for
She never wanted to be special.

So every day she looked out her window waiting for a star to fall.

A chance to make her request known.

The people around her begun to notice.

Until one day out of curiosity a lad asked,

"why do you keep looking at the night sky without cease?"

She replied,
"I long for the light that carries one's dreams".

"How long will you wait?"

"As long as it takes."

Moved by her conviction, he proded no further but decided to watch her from a distance over the years that came by.

And there she stood through rain and hail, on days with clear night skies and those with nothing more than clouds.

Now, the townsfolk begun to talk, Saying

" what can come of it?"

"she has definitely lost it".

Despite hearing of this she kept true to her word, finding her way to the window again even with tears.

The lad now a man followed her and asked,

" The light you seek has tarried, haven't you had enough?"

" If it wasn't for how much my wish meant to me then maybe." She mumbled.

" What is this thing that you desire so fiercely?" he blurted out.

" A life where I am actually happy."

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