The Witch

I am the witch all covered in foil
Schizophrenic, bulimic, and generally insane
Watching you walk by
And wishing you all sorts of nonesense
I am the witch casting spells on whoever will listen
I am old news and drunk again
Spitting up the same lies and fairytales I did last night
Everything is a lie, a spell I tried to make true
I am the witch again
Being touched and told it's okay
Being told not to worry
Being told not to fret
Being told I'm not worth the effort of rape
So what happens to me it just doesn't count
The nightmares aren't real
The flashbacks are fake
And the hallucinations
Well they're just pretend
All because when it comes down to it,
I am nothing more than a witch
And I do my fair share of sinning
Boil, boil, boil
I'm creating trouble and toil
Don't hurt me I'm a witch!
But I'll do what you want if I'm drunk
Because it doesn't count
Because a witch doesn't matter

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