The Witch

I'm just a boring teenage girl,
Well, at least that's what they see.
Everyone thinks I'm a silent, rude kiss-up,
Except for the ones who know me.

It's like medieval Europe:
They're the villagers, I'm the witch.
I stand out and accept it proudly,
Even if I'm called a snitch.

In this insane little kingdom,
Everyone hates the one who stands out,
Whether you wear different clothes or have different hair;
I just don't see what the fuss is about.

It's perfectly acceptable
For you to be you;
I'd like it much better,
If that's what we'd all do.

We hide under layers of makeup,
Dance the newest dance craze, wear the coolest clothes--
Underneath all of that,
What person truly shows?

Is it actually the person you want to be,
Or the person you want others to see?
Whether you enjoy reading, or playing games on your PC,
It doesn't matter who you are to me.

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