The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour

Karianne Gabaldon

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The sound of waves
The darkest days
It’s 3 in the morning
The footsteps are roaring
I can hear them as I lie in my bed
Are they real or just in my head

Please, God, give me a sign
Because I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight
Demons versus voices
Rejection or just choices

I can hear pacing, I’m so scared
I can hear everything, it’s coming from downstairs

It’s the witching hour, so are they real
Next thing you know I’ll see them and feel

They don’t know schizophrenia, no one does
You don’t know psychosis, it’s got you puzzled

But take this for a puzzle, gather the missing pieces
Put me back together before I can’t trust Jesus
I know He is true, I know he is faithful

But it’s so hard to think when your voices are so playful
Goodbye, I’m leaving again
For those voices make me commit sins
I’m scared to death of what’s to come
For it is the witching hour… run

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Key Words : Schizophrenia, psychosis, scary

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A poem about a schizophrenic episode.