The Wizard of Darkness

Beware my friends my name is the wizzard
Known to some as the great white blizzard
I enterd the bussiness without a thought
Of what would happen if i was caught
My little white gains were nothing but waste
So soft, so deadley, so bitter with taste
I can make a school boy forget his books
Abd cause a prettry woman to forget her looks
I can cause a good husband to cast out his wife
And send a greedy pusher to prison for life
I'm not just a wizzard a god to behold
I'm more treasured than diamonds, and more presious than gold
So if you wish to hear more of the things i can do
Of the woman i delighted and the men that i slewed
I'll make a man shabby that once dressed nice
And take a mans pride and melt it like ice
I'm the wizzard of crime& the prince of corruption
I'll capture your soul and cause it's destruction
I'll pick you up and keep you under my wings
You dare to defy me i who am king
You toss& turn but still you can't sleep
You wake in the morning all trembly and weak
You search through the night for one little brightness
But you'll never find it for i am:THE WIZZARD OF DARKNESS

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