The Wolf

A wolf cries out in the dark of the night
He cries out not of fear nor of fright
This need he feels is from long ago
It raises from his heart deep from his soul
This ancient instinct is for closeness of the pack
He howls now because of the family that he lacks
If he is lucky his howl will be returned
And if not those feelings will continue to burn
It's a primal urge of which he has no control
He cannot hide from it even in the deepest hole
The pain that he feels drives him on
Through the dark of night all the way till the dawn
But alas he finds that he is the last of his kind
And this solitary feeling works on his mind
He sits down in the snow and listens to the hoot of an owl
Then deep from within rises a lonely howl
So he lays down to a deep lonely sleep
The cold envelopes his body and begins to creep
Deep into the sinew and deep into the bones
Will he ever find companionship or remain all alone?

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