The woman

By Sarah   

The sound of her heels clicking filled the hallway each step louder as she grew closer. Like horses trotting on concrete. she was majestic and regal. Her scent filled the air like a fresh meadow after a long rain. She drew me in with her sweet enchanting tone. I wanted to feel the love of a mother, the comfort of a caretaker. The love I never got to feel that left a hole where my heart should be. Longing to be touched, heard ,understood. I went so many years without touch,without the feeling of another beings skin on mine. I would run my own hand down my face just to feel as though I was being held by someone. I feel I am hers as she holds me like a new mother holds her first born baby. Rocking ever so gently and whispering you are safe. But my mind is startled and my eyes wide when I wake to see that no one's there it's just me. The sound of heels are nothing more than a windchime blowing in a summer breeze, the perfume is only fresh lilacs in a metal vase and her voice is nothing but a distant memory. A dream I wish to never wake from,a face Ill never get to see.

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The poem is about wanting to feel loved.