She was a dreamer
Her aim was to be richer
She worked all day and night
But fate wasn’t faithful to her
Because of the difficulties she faced
She acquainted herself with a man
Who gave her deceitful promises
Little did she knew
He was just luring her into bed
He took away her pride and was no where to be found
After nine months, a baby she conceived
She was rejected with the claim
She was a shame
To the society and community
She never gave up, because of her child
She strived day and night, to put a meal on the table
She is a woman but had to become a man as well
Putting things in order
Just to make things proper
Upon everything she went through
She grew stronger
Not letting anything weigh her down
Just to make her child happy, she fought every obstacle
I’m talking about the strength of a single mother.

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This poem talks about the lifes of single mothers and how they are able to sail through every difficulty