The Burden of Knowledge.

By Alifab   

Yet darker.
The silence of the moonless night was deafening.

All was ebony,
Save one.
The lamplight flickers,
Illuminating the Woman.
Starlight shimmers across her brow.
Ghosting across her lips.
She rests, although in turmoil.
She slumbers,
But not truly at peace.
Wraiths of the past and present mingle and intertwine.
There is nothing to distinguish them now.
She slumbers.
Haunted by what has come, and what will.
The Woman who knows everything.
She slumbers.
Cursed by her knowledge.

The red-gold and indigo of the heavens meant nothing to her now.
Rippling blue-greens against stark white could've been dust.

She slumbers.
Lucid dreams of red fangs tearing at her sanity.
Things she sees, but cannot prevent.
She slumbers,
Awaiting the demon of tomorrow.

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