The Woman with the black umbrella

She said that she’s been seen again. This time here at this house.
The old Hill House, on the hill top. With an eerie looking cemetery. Looking oddly by as she didn’t leave. She takes children from their sleep they go to her on hands and feet. She has an eerie tone about her.
She’s is the woman with the black umbrella that hides out of sight. Her skeleton like features tell her who she is.
And what she did was unspeakable thing. She died by slicing her wrist’s open while sitting in a chair in her room upstairs in her house.
The cemetery in the woods hiding in under brush and twigs and old leaves. Is her name on gravestone isn’t real.
Her black dress looks like a funeral entire. Her black umbrella that she has.
Blocks her from the rain but she’s the pain of death. She been seen around the town of Derry is where she been seen a lot.
Her house has a curse on it the old ivy vines the moss grows in the cracks and crevasse. The house looks sick as it does this old house is haunted by her for a long time. The woman with the black umbrella’s house.
She takes the children to see her house on the hill tops. They walk outside to it even they go to her house.
She takes them from their parents in mysterious ways. Death has plagued her soul she has no soul left to take.

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