The Women We Are & Want to Be

The modern woman loves herself unconditionally,
She favors her features and strives for intellectual satisfaction,
She accepts nothing less than full gratification and equality.

She recognizes her full command over every aspect of her being,
She is strong and full of courage,
While embracing both her grace and femininity.

She does not box herself in,
But rather breaks out--and relentlessly seeks her own pleasure.

The modern woman can be a mother, a daughter, a sister,
a CEO, an agent, a force of boldness, a light touch,
A presence of softhearted kindness.
She can be anything.

She doubts the world she lives in,
but never her own behavior and desires.
She is both as primal or as civilized as she chooses.
She is limitless.
A creature that breathes a definitive sense of unapologetic self-righteousness.

The modern woman loves inwardly and outwardly.
She knows no bounds.
She--is a feminist.
She is NOW.

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