The Wonder of His Hands

It's hard to express in human words His Majesty's grand plan
It's challenging to address or with melodies to expand
.the wonder of His hand
You really must experience them in the shuffle of the wind,
or in the morning light that seems so diligent yet dim
To capture in the tallest pines, whose columns never bend
.the wonders of His hand
To take the fruit straight from the vine, to meditate on every line
to sit by Him and drink new wine, surrender all your love and time
.to the wonder of His hand
I sit, learn in fields of health, valleys of virtue, lakes of wealth
to understand He's all yours, remembering in the day's recourse
.of the wonder of His hand
To never question the maker's plan I watch Him move in hearts of man
to know caresses His song can bring, all by simply following
.the wonder of His hand
He inspires birds to give us song, He inspires the frog to hop along
He inspires fish to swim top speed, for me, He provides every need
.from the wonder of His hand
I stand firm, strong inside, I hold Him tight with each new stride
I sing for joy I jump with praise, in my heart He solved this maze
I bless by mouth and my hands applaud
.the wonder of His hand
My maker holds the very key to all the things you hear and see
He holds me tight, I am secure, in the curve of what is just and sure
.in the wonder of His hand

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