The Wooden Spoon

This mere culinary student has become
discouraged by the lack of progress she's made.
She longs to be chosen by her chef
to be the vehicle for his next great repast
yet is only passed over, time and time again.

Surrounded by such sterling students,
all dripping with confidence,
she has come to feel inferior, unneeded.
She tries to remain observant.
Tries to get the scoop on how best to serve,
but becomes so confused about her lack of progress
that she feels she's only running around in circles.

Even on the rare occasion when she is taken in hand,
she's only assigned the simplest tasks.
Though she's been trying her best,
and frankly, it's got her in a spin,
she's come to realize
that she doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Aware of her disadvantage, she is not deterred,
for she knows that just as the bread rises in the oven,
the sun will do the same each new day.
Then will she continue her fight
knowing that in this world, you can't rely on handouts;
nobody's going to spoon-feed you.
Ultimately we're all measured by our own determination
and our ability to take the heat.

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