The woods

I was walking home from school when I heard a strange noise coming from the woods. I went in there and I heard steps of others walking I saw a dim of red lights. And then a big black beast came out and it tried to eat me I ran for my life and fell in a portal which was a pile of leaves. Then I heard a chainsaw going and bullets raining down on the ground I was so scared I sat down to take a break and then that was it. I will go back and fight it no matter what it takes so I did, I ran back and stabbed it in the back and it started bleeding and screaming I grabbed my gun and shot it 15 times. I let him fall on the ground and then that was it, the monster was my friend I killed him no, I heard police coming up and the swat over on the other side gunning me down. They arrested me and I was sentenced to life in prison and no bond I had to spend my life knowing I killed somebody but he pranked me. I felt so bad but, I just sit and think about what I did. Well thanks for your time I have to get back cleaning the dishes in the crappy jail prison.

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