The word came out of chaos

The word came out of chaos bringing forth Light and Life to be manifested into matter to experience duality. Once the mission is completed, one must return back to it original formless form. Maintaining order, balance, and harmony within the Cosmos. What man call the solar system, is Primal Mind beautiful Cosmos, that house the zodiac as the bear carries the Cosmos around in the circle of eternal time.
Man is bound to his own illusions as he never fulfill his highest, truest expression of himself as a human being, for the truth exculpates and it convicts.
True value that money cannot buy is intellectual knowledge and wisdom.
In all life, gain knowledge and wisdom,
for this is the key to the light.
As man awaits for his mortality,
he will please his ego before he please his soul.
His soul will be guided by a psych pomp,
leading it to the underworld to be judge.
Truth is told to save your soul,
not your feelings.
It is said not to travel to the prism,
for it's the reflection of light,
just to trap you back into
the cycle of reincarnation.
Man liberation comes after he has left the body,
for he is free of all limitations.

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Key Words : Life, Spirituality, Create, Game, Free Thinkers, Changed, Chaos, Word, Unity

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This Poems Story

This poem is a free style of life and how we come out of chaos, but not to stay in chaos. God turned chaotic energy into beauty. We are co creators that must turn ourselves into the best version of ourselves. We are the reflection of Primal Mind as we help God create, to add to His beautiful Cosmos. Everyone must play a part in this big screen movie before its game over.