stain has made it adopted
burning with a cast of unauthorized fear
waiting for another kill of death,
dying with a choke of its own hand
so uneasy the gold and silver will never live
or see it become any better
because terror is in its skin,
terror has made it bloody
terror has made it scary
and death has made it decline,
death in the neighborhoods
death in the communities
death on British highways and in Paris
death in the United States' leadership
death in the sand,
consumed with the cement of decay everywhere,
we live in the useless struggles to get out of the army of chaos,
the ride is not good enough,
march has come and gone
but we still protest dreamless adventures
this world has become a sick place you can't trust,
it is crazy with people sitting on the side to destroy it
with wasted mustache, bear, and suicide bombs
waiting in the dark with no lantern, no candle
but wicked content full of deadmen's spit
and idiots losing their minds,
their hard to imagine minds
full of bitter news, bitter newspapers with no ownership,
full of dogs with cut legs
building empires with stupid hands,
it is a troubled journey of insensible adults
and disinherited with exaggerated ego,
and with colorless purpose,
the foolish will not take their medicine,
violence is the useless pill,
and governments will jail the leaders
their ignorant leaders,
it is a tale with smoke and wounds
it is hard to live when you could be
the attack at any time,
it is full of blood and no feeling
full of empty cities, full of bodies in the dark streets
and conditions that will live without laws,
laws that will not change soon
laws burned by irresponsive beasts,
nothing will change, for so long,
death stares at your cheap soul
waiting for you online to view the photograph of your coffin
to give you nothing back
but your isolation and your rejection,
the values of humans have become memories
the value of being born has dissolved and
chained with poverty, chained with division and hate
and silence, languishing with its own voice
chained to the sea, buckled to ships that move them
to gamble with latitudes full of friendless people
and no opinion just carrying their overtime
threats with a loud noise,
night and day are poisoned with the powder of death
so everything you feel in your gut
and dying becomes your only choice,
so everything you feel in your gut
and dying has become a foolish choice,
just listen, it hears no more,
it hears no more.


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