The World

The world I believe has a motive
I think when your born you look at the world in a different way
as you progress you start to try to figure out the world
As you progress into becoming a teenager
that is when you become so close into trying to figure the world out
that's why many say years when you're a teenager are hard
because you get so close and get so confused
Then about 17 or 18 you start to figure the world out
and that you were put on this earth to do something great
everyone has that greatness in them you just got find it
everything that happens in your life does have a reason
you just have to think hard enough to know what that reason is
Movies and music have inspiration
if you talk to most people they will say they love movies and music
they love them so much because it provides an inspiration
to me at least
That is why they say college is the best time of your life
you're just beginning to figure the world out
and see it for yourself in your own eyes
and then you have so much respect for it
and realize you're so grateful for what you have

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