The World and her Lovers

The world is so busy, more than a bee can ever be.
Her day is spent in folly, pursuing every glimpse of delight.
From afar she mistakes destruction for a mirage of pleasure.
She prides herself like a lily, adorn in costly apparel.
When truly she’s only but a rose
constantly losing her pearls every passing day.

She has ravished the heart of her lover by her beauty
and her scent, her lover could die for.
Her deepest treasure has caused the blood of many
and Nations fight for her power.
She’s dying, yet her lover is blinded by her beauty
He fails to see that every passing day draws her closer to her end;
for he feels, he could have her forever.

She has stolen the future of many
and her deception has brought dreams to destruction.
When her lover dies too young, she tricks another to the same end.
But when her end comes, her lovers loses sight of her beauty
And realizes, that she was only but a mirage.
They seek for a place of refuge to hide their shame,
yet, it becomes too late for them.
The world dies, with her lovers.

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