The world as I see it…

The ocean inside ebbs & flows,
as the trees I plant continue to grow.
No longer sure of where to go,
so I’ll sit back & watch the show.
Minutes turn to hours, hours to days.
I lose track of time as I watch the play.
No longer sure of what to say,
Because there’s another world behind my gaze.
A world deep inside, yet just as real.
A world where I’m not afraid to feel.
A world full of love & understanding.
A world free of worried planning.
This world exist inside of me. When I am here I am free.
I am whatever I choose to be.
I want to show you all what I see.
I see love where there is hate.
I see a world instead of states.
I see the soul behind the face.
I see we are all destined for beautiful fates.
I see a world of human kind.
I see a world free of time.
I see a world in its prime.
I see a world of one collective mind.
It’s a place deep inside yet much more real.
A place where we’re not afraid to feel.

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