The world cries within

We bowed and we closed our eyes,
We knelt and we opened our arms,
We went quiet and we listened to You,
But darkness descended upon us,
How can it be so dark?
How can we not hear You?
God, do You hear our cries?

We tilted our heads, opening our eyes,
We stood up, folding our arms,
We screamed, weeping in pain,
Darkness engulfed our souls,
It is dark, sorrows are blunting our faith,
The ears of ours souls hears the whispers of the evil,
God, we don't want to lose our beliefs, Are You watching?

Blood flows in rivers,
Eyes only see hatred,
Nose only catches the scent of blood from the sand,
Ears only listen to the whispers of haters,
God, do You hear our screams?
Are YourThe Ruler of Your world?

Poverty is taking over,
Ditactors claim to rule the lands,
Wars are continuously taking our freedom,
Diseases are wiping our kinds,
God, how much did we sin?

We know, we are sinners,
We know, we are too curious to explore,
We know, we keep quiet even when seeing wrong things,
We know, we love fame,
We know, we like power,
But God, can You not forgive us?

We ask for Your forgiveness,
We ask for Your mercy,
We ask for Your blessings,
We ask for Your touch,
We ask for Your Holy Spirit around us,
We ask for Your ray of light to lead us,
Because, we believe You Are Great.

With hopes, we know You will provide,
With trust, we know You will send us the fruit of freedom,
With beliefs, we know it can be done at Your own time,
With our actions, we know You can forgive us.

God, we trust You,
God, we pray for good thoughts,
God, we kneel infront of You
God, we listen to You
Because, we believe in You,
We know You Are Always Great.

You Are God of all nations,
You Are above everything
You Are Almighty.

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Tags : Hope, trust, belief, world

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