The World I Live In

Born into this world with my scars already marked,
my heart is like a dynamite expect it can not be sparked,
open to the light but there's no way out of the dark...
these different feelings you can't describe,
aren't even listed on the charts.
I made it this far but I'm still in the beginning,
'if life gives you lemons...' but there aren't any lemons,
I'm just living in a gaze no one else can see,
they wouldn't take the plead even if I was crying on my knees,
They sit and stare at you like your mistakes are a disease,
or if your mind is monstrous and it moves at ease,
everybody's blinded by the raze of flames,
if I throw my feelings in, it'll come back again.
Hiding from myself cause that's the realest thing,
when all I want to do is know myself within,
how can you chase a dream? when you're in a dream that's in a dream,
when your goals are your standards that you cannot achieve,
when you give it all up because you do not believe,
feeling like you were brought into this world without wanting to be.

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