The World I want to live is ‘Free’

When I close my eyes.
The world I want to live is ‘free’.
Every time I dream of ‘you’.
I always think of you.
But, my love for you is genuine.

But, I know that my love for you is unreachable.
Even though, I want you to love me back.
I know you don’t adore my affection.
I understand…
I’ll never cross path with you.
All I want you to know that I’ll always be fond of you.

If you come back to me.
I’ll be your helping hand.
I’ll be your shield.
All I want is your love for me.

I am a spirit of a wolf.
Walking alone.
In a lonely and gloomy road.
Never letting the darkness consume me.
Letting the light overflow me.
Enlightenment my mind and body.
Knowledge and Wisdom are gift from ‘GOD’.
Appreciate ‘Life’.

I keeping on questioning myself.
Why do we keep on struggling?
So, why were we born into this world?
What was the purpose of our life?
But, all I know is to become best version of yourself.
Helping others.

Saving the lives that needs saving.
Guiding others to the right path.
That is what GOD intended to do for us.
I want to head towards that ‘LIGHT.’
The light that illuminates all darkness.
Removing my darkness.
Attaining balance, peace & harmony to myself.
Remembering the good deeds that I have done to
make the world a better place for other.

Praying to the Lord.
To save.
To repent.
To be free.
To walk towards the golden gate to heaven.
Then, leaving your shadow. Your image. Your nature to help others.
For people to become more caring towards other.

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