The World Is Upside Down

The world is upside down,
Every smile is now a frown.
All the blood goes to your head;
It hurts so much, you'll wish you're dead.
The world is upside down-
People run frantically, 'round and 'round.
Wise people, though, will hold on tight,
For this may be the day you see the light.
The world is upside down,
The lost part of you is finally found.
If you only manage to sit still,
You'll find life has only one more hill.
The world is not upside down-
You're only dreaming,
So turn it

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This Poems Story

I am twelve years old, and having a poem published at my age is a great honor. My family always told me I wrote good poetry, but I thought they were obligated to say so. I wrote this poem to help people find the Lord. I hope when others feel their worlds are upside down, they'll find the Lord. He can pull them out of their bad dream and turn their world around.