The World Today

There's something really scary about the world today,
say trick or treat its Halloween every day.
Dwindling away from the good of that day,
running away, there's no candy,
just making way.

Day by day,
wondering when the last day will make its way
because May Day, here we go bro.
Hello, can't anybody hear the madness in the world,
Vince Van Gough,
we need to help the ones on fighting a harder battle.

Well here we go,
it's never too late to tackle the problem
before it scores a touchdown and rises like the Tower of Babel.
Even if you fumble,
don't mumble your thoughts,
yell them like the pop of a bubble.

We're all in trouble,
but if we work together instead of the opposite of a married couple,
things can make pace.
We can finally embrace one another to space,
face to face we can change this fall into a happy place.

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