The World Today

I think I’m going to write something
Before it leaves my head
Because I don’t want this to be the modern version of Kubla Khan
But now you see I think that is the problem, the problem is really in my head
What kid would know about the poet who wrote Kubla Khan
A child would not
Expect for one who has grown up to fast

So that is the answer, it is adult
Someone who has forgotten about the power of the tooth fairy
And stopped believing in Santa's slay bells and in the goodness of man
An adult is also a kid who has grown up to fast
And I fear that is what this contest of life is
It is for kids who have grown up to fast

I know that is crazy to think
How would I know
That is because maybe
I am just a kid who has grown up to fast

I have these ideas
These thoughts
So I wrote this poem
Instead of being with my friends
Only kids who have grown up to fast do this

There is a problem today
We fill kids up with expectations
Of what they need to be
What they need to do
What they need to accomplish
And in the mad rush
To make these kids to this all
They grow up

Expect no one ever though
What if they grew up too fast
What if society; what if we were wrong all along
What if all that is needed to let the spirit run free
To let mother earth teach lessons in her own time
What if life didn't have to be broken down into segments
Of an artificial construct called time

What if we could just be
What if kids grew up how the world earth indeed
So that when they came around
Life was not only known, as a barren field
Covered in snow, and as a place where dreams die

What if we just let kids be
What if kids didn't grow up so fast
What if the world was still young and pure

I think though that all only truly exist in a dream
But kids who have grown up to fast
Can not dream, no more

So let's dream and hope
And break the barriers of the artificial world
Let’s dream for a while
While we still can for while
Before the world finds us again
Because it will
Because it always does

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