The World

There once was a girl who wished for the world,
but never knew how to get it.
So she went about life with the motto and strife,
what she did she would never regret it.
No matter the issue, she'd deal with it well.
Oh, who am I kidding? Sometimes she raised hell.
Although, through even the darkest of days,
she picked herself up in multiple ways.
In such a short time, she'd been through so much.
Yet, she gained a spirit that no one could touch.
To the world unknown, she was just another pretty face.
But her loved ones knew of her poise and grace.
For what matters most is the beauty inside one another.
To be a fighter sometimes, but always a lover.
Take the world by storm when it's pouring down rain.
Go through your life unafraid of the pain.
There will always be suffering.
Some sadness and sorrow.
Keep your head up throughout it, because there's always tomorrow.
She remembers the day when she found all this out.
She'd soon have the world.
In that, there's no doubt.

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