The World’s Warrior’s Way

The light warrior’s way is covered with bothers,
Every step is a striking battle.
The ruinous tiredness and the pain that fierce
Cruelly crashes his shuttle.
The end of fights. This flash is the last.
The winner makes his triumph stride,
But the gulf absorbes all so fast,
Because life roads are so wide.
The fate is hard unknown its ride,
Unrelievedly going on the blade.
The devoted heart and the deep wise mind
Can worthy overcome its shade.
The willing to suspend or even give up
Endlessly troubles your intentions.
But the faith and the hope are going till the top,
We are free and have no limitations.
So simple words «everything will be good»
And the gentle light of the native’s eyes
Will heat the heart in spite of the mood.
It will be full of love and will show no lies.
It’s up to you and only your way.
God will help you and also bless.
You’ll be waiting for that day.
The truth was created out of the mess.

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