The Worst Years of my Life (Holocaust)

From 1933 to 1945,
Those were the worst years of my life.
Some were screaming, some were crying.
Few were living, most were dying.
We were pushed and shoved into small carts.
We no longer had any hope left in our hearts.
They made us sprint from place to place.
We were treated like runners in a 10 mile race.
They took our shoes, our pride, OUR HAIR.
They took everything, it just wasn't fair.
They took my sister, my mother, my father.
They took them all without a bother.
We no longer had a place to call home.
It was like we were trapped inside of a dome.
I missed the old times, where the sun was so bright.
I miss the old times with no sleepless nights.
But I had to be strong, I couldn't be weak.
I didn't cry, I didn't even speak.
Even though I was freed, it doesn't make it right.
It doesn't make up for the worst years of my life.

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