The Worth of a Hand

Lend me your hand
Place your palm in mine
And we will see what comes of it
Reach out to me, so that I may see the possibilities
The fantasies come true
Extend yourself to me
Uncurl from fists
And let me gaze upon slender piano fingers
Examine them, the scars are the tattoos of your life
They sing to me of scraps, and bumps, and fights
They speak of your trials
Let me gaze at the cracks in your nails
Fingernail polish, faded and chipped
Testaments to hard work
That too is beautiful
Let my fingers trace your life line, find myself in this groove
Let my eyes see the fortune and future that lies in this palm
Lips graze across fingertips until wrist and pulse is reached
Press that hand to my face, fingers mapping every curve
I fell your warmth radiate
Your heart as well, it pulses from fingertips
These hands are love
Hands that give, hands that grasp, hands that hold on firm
So extend to me your hand
Give to me your love
And I will hold it tight

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