The wrath of Lord

Draw the curtains and lock the doors,
Do not stand out on the front porch
For He is enraged on the mankind,
Who has been greedy,mean and blind
Blind by money, power and fame,
Inconsiderate of the destitute pain
Neglecting his children, working late,
Never realising his true fate
That he shall be punished for what he's done,
On the day of judgement, he is to be abandoned
Now the world seems to be in grave danger,
Nobody is shielded from the great Lord's anger
The sky black symbolizing the colour of death,
Because the humans have lost their faith
Plague and terror has spread everywhere,
Everyone petrified, hiding in their lair
Poor out on the street begging for something to eat,
Rich eating in their comfy seat
This isn't the world humans used to live in,
The world full of evil and sin
It's time for humankind to ask forgiveness from the divine,
For he is the only one charitable and kind.

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