The Writer

I am a writer of a delicate story.
Though it won't ever out-live me,
I'm frantic to make it count.
So frantic in fact,
I've removed the pen from the paper countless times,
closing the book on what had been written,
rather than twisting the plot.
Staring at page one for seemingly the thousandth time,
my hourglass telling me time is steadily running out.
Knowing it can't be perfect,
but determined to write something that matters.
Page by page.
Chapter by chapter.
Tactfully developing the main character,
hoping I've done a better job this time.
While I like who she has become,
I can't help but wonder...
Will she be enough in five, 10 chapters?
The fear, overwhelming.
The anxiety, crippling.
Who would trust me with this pen?
I am a writer of a delicate story.
Terrified and cautious,
I will continue writing,
praying I get it right this time.

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