The Year 3000

I remember learning that opposites attract,
and that definitely seems to be true.
But you and I are so dramatically different,
how could we ever form a bond without disputing?

You love technology because it is so advanced,
so efficient and brilliant. Like you.
I love the quaint things in life.
Old books. Film cameras. Poetry.
I cannot tell you why, except maybe,
my soul is older than I,
and yours, much ahead of you.

I do not know if I am in love with you,
but if I have to ask myself that question,
I do not believe I am.
Yet each and every time my phone rings,
when I see an unknown number,
my heart skips a beat and I hope it is you.
It still hasn't been.
Am I in love with you?

You always tell me to be more rational,
so here is a logical question:
If electrons cause magnetism and opposites attract,
are we a compassionate covalent bond
or an icy ionic bond?

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