The Year of Seasons


Every year on March 21st
Our world becomes Autumn reversed
We call it the Spring Equinox
And yes, my facts aren’t as precise Sherlock’s

But listen up people!
On this day the length of our nights and days are equal
And with the Sun just above the equator
The Spring brings us the beauty of our creator

As the Spring continues to flourish
Light showers occur to help plants nourish
And as the soil begins to sprout new flowers
The Sun begins to release its great powers


On the day of June 21st
Summer Solstice arrives with a burst
With the Earth tilted toward the Sun
The drought of our Earth has just begun

Summer grants the North Hemisphere the longest daytime in the year
With the North Hemisphere receiving no night, it is very clear

As the Sun continues to shine so bright
People begin to welcome the night
And as the days become unbearably hot
Children prepare to return to the place they’re taught


Not long after Summer, comes September 22nd
Bringing the Autumn Equinox with it, as I am sure you have reckoned

Again with the length of days and nights equal
One might assume that Autumn is Spring’s sequel
And although the Sun is again above the equator
After Spring, Autumn comes much later

During Autumn, often known as the fall
The cool wind begins to call
As the colors of the leaves transform
People all over the world prepare for a snowstorm


As the end of the year approaches, so does December 21st
The day the world becomes immersed
Some places get snow others dry colds, all due to Earth’s axis
No matter where you are, people recognize this as the Winter Solstice

During the Winter the North Hemisphere receives the shortest daytime in the year
This can cause great excitement or great desperation and fear
For those with shelter and food the winter is thirsted
But for those in worse circumstances it is dreaded

The harsh, cold climate causes living organisms to die
But the snow that replaces them always seems to beautify

As the Winter Solstice signifies the end of the year
It kills the life so new life can reappear
And with new life comes a new year of cohere

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This Poems Story

I actually wrote this for a 8th grade science project. I stayed up until about midnight just trying to turn it in on time. After I read it to my mom, she convinced me to submit it in my Poetry Nation poems.