The Yellow Brick Road

They say that life is a yellow brick road
Full of good witches and friendly lions
each brick an opportunity
To become brave and to feel as you never have before
If you follow it you will find happiness and light
You will skip along merrily into your future
But Dorothy never told you that
the bricks would begin to crumble
And the yellow would turn gray
the weeds that creeped from the cracks between them were actually
the hands of broken souls reaching for their one last chance
The lions will no longer be friendly
The witches as good as a broken promise
Of a full heart and a courageous roar
No wizard is waiting to grant your wish
For he too no longer has magic
Maybe he once skipped along the path
But was overtaken by reality
And this time water will not melt the wicked witch
For all the wells have run
as dry as the sandpaper soles of your worn slippers
Somehow though
Dorothy eventually found her way
Through the broken bricks, and past the evil witch
You may have no magic shoes to click
But having having the courage to take on the yellow brick road
Is worth a brave lion, a loving tin man, a smart scarecrow
To help you find your home

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