The Young Black Man

I look in your eyes & see the mixed emotions
sprinkled with a lost of hope
From Eric garner
To Trayvon Martin
Locked in your room trying to cope
Cus history seems to repeat itself
& you feel cus your black you won't have the wealth
That a white man has
trying to find make your way
Into a white girls ass
Because to you that means you made it
Playing right into the system
You was suppose to be the one to
Fade it
I look in your eyes
& stare at your soul
A blank stare on your face it seems
But I see a lost of hope
You hate yourself
No guidance
Intelligent black male
Yearning to be accepted
Dumbing yourself down to fit with the dumbest
But the only way to fight this institutionalized racism
is with success
Cus they can't uneducate
A once educated man
& there's always been a way around
the systematic plan
To destroy the young black man

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