The Young Maiden

Into a splendid sight, I gaze. Suddenly a witness am I,
to a world seldom seen. The sun rays burst over the hills.
The young maiden ascends, followed by her companions,
so graceful and elegant that any man foreign
is struck by his heart's motions, my eyes wince.
I rub and reopen in the tiniest blip. The maiden is nowhere.
Gone? No! The world hazes, panic sets, gone?
No, she reappears. I was but blind. The hidden world reappears,
tis another time. The sun crescents, as the tide rushes in.
Yet unknown to me, beauty is an innocent thing,
Helpless of the danger forthcoming sounds of war!
The innocent maiden, coming cursed crimes upon the helpless.
The sky from death falls. Black death!
Obscured in its shroud is vision
Clears it and when the young maiden is gone, I fear.
Gone! Gone forevermore? 'Tis not possible! She is hidden,
out of sight, tucked away from the red tide's unholy might.
The sun slips and the moon ascend
and there she be, sparkling in the lights in all her glory-
The young maiden I saw that morning.
I blink my eyes and the world begins to fade.
Back to the sight, upon which my eyes laid.
And there she still is, a testimony to beauty. Beauty may be cloaked,
but shall always return and bring hope.
Upon this I ponder, glad that this truth is not yonder:
My companions and I saw a sight that night,
Yet what we took away, is in our hearts this very day.

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