Lately I've been worried about the direction this world is headed in.
Not worried for myself but for my sisters and my brethren.
Violence tearing down the foundations of the houses,
that we were raised up in,
and a presidential candidate saying I'm a rapist,
cause I was born a Mexican?
Sh*t. Man what the f*ck is going on?
A Nation founded by the policies that we once all relied upon.
Now thrown in the trash, the middle class,
feel like they don't belong, while the rich are getting richer,
and the poor are killing for some coupons?!
Crash and burn.
Asphalt stained red from the bloody knees,
crawling towards the freedom that they never intended us to see.
Turn around, tear that flag down, and pray for the pain to seize.
Clouds up above, raining pouring down, no sunny days ahead of me.
Born in this country, the land of the free.
We expected the promise, the American Dream.
All we ever wanted, a false prophecy.
A hopeless dream, a lost fantasy.
The American Dreams... turned to disease...

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