Tell me, oh Brother, how beautiful your new room is.
I can still see your eye through the hole in our walls. A silly secret.
How I remember our foundation. I thought we were still just wet cement?
Describe the Jasper. Send me courage and wisdom! Please? I beg you for stability and strength!
And the Sapphire? Is it lovely? Good fortune? How?
Does the Chalcedony really bring harmony? Are we all brothers and sisters as promised? Can my sorrow be transformed into joy?
Where did He set the Emerald? Love can still conquer all? Can love conquer sorrow or is it simply reciprocal?
Your mother wants to know how deep the onyx is.
Is the carnelian stone as healing as they say?
Does the chrysolite remind you of the olive trees and what we thought was meant to be?
And just where do our tears land? Do they water the cracks in the beryl stone?
Is your headboard made of topaz? Because you were noble.
Were you welcomed with chrysoprase? I’m sorry for what May brought to our family’s door.
When the angel brought your linens, was his breastplate armored with Jacinth?
Will you promise that the amethyst will guard us from evil?
Are you proud of your pearl that you traded your kingdom for?
Tell me, oh Brother, how beautiful your new room is.

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