Then Came the Explosion

Legend has it, within the Ancient Order of Doubters, that before the advent of time and space a mighty voice thundered across the void, proclaiming, “Forthwith the plan,” then, declared again with greater force, “Forthwith the plan.” Alas, there was no entity to respond, no ear to record, no mind to comprehend — only stillness.

Then Came the Explosion

Imagine the enormity of the task
magnitude of the planning
ultra-genius of the physics
intelligence beyond mortal reach.

Equations of omnipotent precision
blueprint of beauty and elegance
a universe-in-waiting
laded in a subatomic grain.

By earthly measure eons ago
the infinite realm of nothingness
a subatomic speck detonates
the blast rips open the void
a pyrotechnic cosmic dawn
the birth of space and time —

White orange-crowned flash
violent super-hot shock wave
in a nanosecond ten billion miles in radius
after-blasts whip blazing pinwheels into orbit
billowing fireballs spit blue-hot streamers
neutrino-rich blackness lights up
neutrons protons electrons spin
a giant thermonuclear reactor
a million billion miles across
space and time in motion
atoms connect gas whorls into stars
matter coalesces galaxies gather
a universe in parturition.

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The beginning of space and time, the Big Bang.